19 December 2019

The Future has come!

High technology is available and it is easier than learning a foreign language. To make sure of this, there is a free trial lesson in CyberSchool. During the trial lesson, the child will create a cartoon and will be able to program the characters of the game Minecraft.

You can receive an invitation for a free trial lesson on the website kiber-one.us, can sign up by phone +1 (321) 987-4795 or by e-mail orlando@kiber-one.com.

04 April 2019

The most interesting in the lecture: what to choose for children.

25 March 2019
Our cyber heroes learn in 10 countries in the world.
And this is just the beginning!
25 October 2017

The First International School of computer programming and digital creativity KIBERone is opening in Ekaterinburg!

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