Silicon valley: CyberSchool for turning children into Steve Jobs have finally opened its doors in Orlando!

19 December 2019

The era of digital technology has come.

What do people know about the future? 50% of professions will disappear in 5-7 years. Large corporations are actively implementing artificial intelligence, and they predict that companies that do not do this will not be able to exist at the market.

In a sense, Orlando is really lucky: this is the first city in the USA, where one of the most ambitious projects appeared – KIBERone – The International CyberSchool of programming and digital creativity for children, in which leading programmers from the largest companies of the USA teach children.

The founders admit that they did not expect such a readiness of society for new digital knowledge.

- On the one hand, there are parents who do not understand why digital education is necessary for a child, and on the other, who understand this perfectly and ask to accept children from the age of 5. Such parents give two or three children to the CyberSchool immediately, – said Olga Apalkova, CEO of KIBERone.

 The CyberSchool teaches the skills of the XXI century: strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, necessary digital foundations and cooperation. As a result, children become more successful at school.

 After school, graduates can program websites, games, mobile apps, possess the knowledge about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and cyber security. Children learn different programming languages, study artificial intelligence, 3D Max, etc. Modules “Blogging” and “SMM” are responsible for social media understanding.

High technology is available and it is easier than learning a foreign language. To make sure of this, there is a free trial lesson in CyberSchool. During the trial lesson, the child will create a cartoon and will be able to program the characters of the game Minecraft.

You can receive an invitation for a free trial lesson on the website kiber-one.us, can sign up by phone +1 (321) 987-4795 or by e-mail orlando@kiber-one.com.

 Steve jobs said: “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” You can trust Steve.

Welcome to the future!

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