Educational vacations
with practicing IT specialists
  • 4 thematic sessions to choose from

  • Language activities

  • Experience of practicing IT specialists

  • Creativity, fun sports

  • Three meals a day

  • Full-day camp

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KIBERone is the best project in the world
in the field of digital technologies for children
according to the UN and UNESCO
5 reasons to join CyberCamp
  • Unforgettable holidays

    A great opportunity
    to spend time usefully
    and in good company.
    There will be something to tell your friends about.

  • Real examples of success

    Live communication
    with Real
    IT Practitioners from large
    IT Companies and Design Studios.

  • Conquer  
      new heights

    Getting a certificate
    for a school portfolio.

  • Diving in the world of IT

    An entertaining and informative
    program involves the child
    in the world of digital technologies
    and expands their horizons.

  • Dreams 
     become a reality

    The opportunity to implement
    a unique IT project
    under the guidance of a tutor.

Choose a session of summer CyberCamp
CodeCombat game course with an emphasis on practice. Students can join this module without programming knowledge. The course will help to develop your programming skills without boring lessons. In the process, we will defeat cannibals, escape from the dungeon, use magic and much more. The program combines the game with fast and effective learning, which means that 90% of the time you need to write real code. There will be no time to be bored, because every practical task is an exciting game that teaches programming.


12.06 - 16.06

10.07 - 14.07

07.08 - 11.08

The course on creating a computer game in the genre of a musical 2D catroon platformer. It's like Mario, but its modern version. Children will learn new algorithms used in the creation of the legendary Geometry Dash games. The project develops algorithmic and imaginative thinking, teaches the basics of game development: creating a concept, cool levels, interacting objects, writing code in GDScript.


19.06 - 23.06

17.07 - 21.07

14.08 - 18.08

Series of IT quests in Python, the most popular programming language among children. Quests are conducted on an international online platform for programmers, where the solution of the problem is accompanied by visualization. Children will learn the key algorithms in programming and apply them in practice. Playing programming with increasingly complex puzzles is more interesting in a team. A huge variety of thematic tasks that do not get bored to solve.


26.06 - 30.06

24.07 - 28.07

21.08 - 25.08

During the Minecraft 3D course, students will create a clone of the Minecraft game. Children will learn how to create a new virtual world, different characters and how to manage them. They will gain useful experience working with 3D games creation using Jscript (a language similar to Python). The course develops logical and spatial thinking, forms planning skills and the ability to focus on a task. You just need to start learning. Good luck!


05.06 - 09.06

03.07 - 07.07

31.07 - 04.08

Summer CyberCamp Daily Schedule
Classes are conducted by real IT specialists

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Judy, Israel

My daughter has been studying at Cyber School from December, 2017. She likes it very much! She attends classes with pleasure and this is very important for us. I like our tutor Moses – he is always ready to answer any questions, what underlines his professionalism. The location of school and comfortable, equipped classrooms are also good. It is very important that if you miss a class you can make it up at any convenient time. Moreover there are cool breaks, my daughter always tells about interesting breaks, where they do special exercises for eyes, play interesting games. My advice to parents – if you would like to choose computer programming school – choose KiberONE.

Chad, USA

My son (9 y.o.) started this shool after he visited the first free trial class. He said it was great! My son really liked it. There is an interesting training program, an amazing tutor. Right after class – we signed the  contract. My child is getting a highly qualified training of modern and necessary skills and enjoys his time there. I see his progress every week, I believe he would use his knowledge and skills in the future.   

Kate, Germany

My husband and I have been looking for a school of such level for a long time. It is such a case, when everything is properly organized. Our kid is happy. If I had a chance I would study here by myself. After a year of studies at Kiber1 my 9 years old daughter knows more than me in programming and IT.

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