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The most common animation format on the Internet is GIF. Students study the concepts of animation, file extensions and how to create animated GIFs for social networks and mobile devices.

Children of all ages like to create GIFs, and under the guidance of professionals of large IT companies who want to share their tips, it turns out to be fast, easy and fun. The knowledge obtained during the "GIF animation" module will help your children not only to send funny emoticons from mobile devices or install stylish avatars on social network pages, but, in the future, these skills will certainly be useful for developing commercial animation, including advertising banners, logos, and buttons.

Features of computer animation training with KIBERone CyberSchool

The module for teaching children animation in the most common gif format will be an excellent incentive for revealing their talents, displaying creativity, further development in the IT sphere and marketing of social networks. After the first lesson in CyberSchool, you will see that it is very easy to get your child involved in the animation creation process, since the student will see the result of their work immediately: they will be able to turn ordinary images into animated graphics and publish "live" images on web pages.

Tutors of the module will share with young programmers a lot of useful tips and tricks for creating original GIFs. They will tell them which programs are more convenient to use, as well as about their functionality and tools.

During a month with CyberSchool, children will learn how to:

  • select or create an image (sketches/drawings) in the intended style or in a specific design direction;
  • upload files to the selected image editor;
  • save time by using “hot keys”;
  • use filters to make GIFs more interesting;
  • customize text, choose color, font, and size;
  • set the animation speed (the interval between frames) and the number of repetitions;
  • insert a link to music;
  • increase or decrease the size of the GIF animation;
  • evaluate their own GIFs from a technical point of view, in terms of quality and creativity;
  • save animations in the designer's gallery on their computer, add them to their portfolio.

Our module will open up endless possibilities for your child. They will learn how to create unique and creative GIFs of various complexity, to send them in messages or publish them in social networks, blogs and forums, and eventually earn money from their knowledge.

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