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Google Blockly editor uses interlocking, graphical blocks to represent code concepts like variables, logical expressions, loops, and more. It allows users to apply programming principles without having to worry about syntax or the intimidation of a blinking cursor on the command line.

• Module duration - 1 month
• Age - from 7 y.o

Features of programming with Google Blockly

Advantages of learning with Blockly:

  • a graphical editor for composing programs from blocks;
  • the language contains code generators for working in the web application environment;
  • syntax errors cannot be allowed in the code;
  • a young programmer can focus on the logical part;
  • the library has a set of ready-made blocks for writing code — just start combining them;
  • a finished program can be embedded in any web application.

Studying this programming with KIBERone CyberSchool will help your child to understand the principles of working in this visual editor and to delve gradually into the specifics of making logical compositions and web applications.

Learning visual programming with Google Blockly for children with CyberSchool includes:

  • familiarity with the basics of computer science;
  • setting and solving logical problems;
  • development of algorithms with the help of certain commands;
  • output of the finished program to traditional programming languages (including JavaScript, Dart, Python, PHP, and Lua);
  • development of interactive games and stories.

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