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JavaScript is one of the most popular multi-paradigm programming languages used primarily in web development. JavaScript is everywhere on the web, and with the advent of Node.js, is increasingly used on the backend. JavaScript tends to be very fast because it is often run immediately within the client's browser. So long as it doesn't require outside resources, JavaScript isn't slowed down by calls to a backend server. Also, major browsers all support JIT (just in time) compilation for JavaScript, meaning that there's no need to compile the code before running it. In general, almost every site includes JavaScript elements, so JavaScript developers are now in great demand.

Children will learn the basics of programming, become familiar with the JavaScript language, learn how to create computer games and create their own interactive computer games.

Module duration - 3 month
Age - from 12 y.o

KIBERone CyberSchool helps students to get acquainted with one of the most promising and popular languages in the field of web development – JavaScript. It is used for writing mobile applications, creating interactive web pages, and is also used by all major browsers and search engines.

Children will get basic knowledge of programming, creating animated images and computer games. This module is suitable for both beginners who are not familiar with the HTML language and have decided to learn how to create games from scratch, as well as for young programmers who want to practice and systematize their previous knowledge.

Features of JavaScript programming module for children

The module includes working with graphics and animation, learning how to create games and the basics of web development. The classes will have a minimum of theory (only 20%), and the rest of the time children will draw and animate. This approach allows a child to dive into programming gradually, easily memorize the basic algorithmic constructions of the programming language and form a concept of programming logic.

Children are taught to create games in JS under the guidance of practical tutors who are ready to share their knowledge and experience with children in order to develop their interest in information technology.

During 3 months, young programmers will:

  • learn the basics of drawing and color filling;
  • create prototypes of game scenes;
  • understand the meanings and learn how to work with arrays, functions, objects, conditional and cyclic constructs;
  • learn how to create and optimize animations, organize fast and smooth frame changes, and animate text and images;
  • learn how to control animation with a keyboard;
  • create and animate simple HTML pages;
  • be able to test and fix bugs in codes;
  • get a basic understanding of all the C programming languages, which will allow them to expand and deepen their knowledge in the field of web development.

The result of the courses on game development for children will be their own interactive game, which will be created by a child in any chosen genre. In addition, they will be able to write an application for the game, launch the site, and, if desired, develop a program for a real robot.
Training in game development also forms professional skills necessary in the modern world - the ability to think logically, creative thinking, purposefulness, creativity. Even if the child chooses another profession in the future, these qualities will help them to succeed in any professional activity.

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