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You already know that programming is a new literacy that can be mastered from the age of 6!

With Scratch Jr, young children (6-7 years old) can program their own interactive stories and games. In the process, they learn to solve logical problems, develop projects, and creatively express their thoughts using a computer.

Frequent changes of activities, a lot of team games, individual experimentation with the computer, pair and group work.

Working on the computer takes 30% of the time; the remaining 70% is for variations with games for developing the skills of Four C’s (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity).

There are a tutor and an assistant of the tutor at each lesson. They work with a group of 8-12 children.

The result of the module is a child's own interactive story or multi-level game, with fictional characters and a plot, that can be shown to friends and relatives.

Scratch Jr is a programming environment with a clear interface and colorful design that makes coding for younger students an easy and fun process.

This program is designed for personal computers, Android and iOS tablets, and is suitable for the youngest. Your child will learn the basics of programming and design, even if they have not yet learned to read.

Scratch Jr module at KIBERone CyberSchool will open up a lot of possibilities: children will draw in a graphic editor, come up with storylines and independently create interactive stories, games and animations based on them.

Features of “Basics of programming with Scratch Jr” module

The program of Scratch Jr module for the First International CyberSchool was developed specifically for children with the participation of IT professionals. There are no complicated mathematical formulas and boring hours of work at the classroom. Children will get acquainted with the concepts of step, coordinates, functions, sequential, nested and infinite cycles, etc., and will learn how to put them all into practice.

Under the guidance of experienced tutors, children will begin coding using Scratch Jr: by moving and connecting graphic blocks where all actions are marked with symbols, they will animate characters, make them walk, jump, dance, talk and sing. Children can modify characters in the paint editor, add their own voices and sounds, even insert photos of themselves.

This module consists of 5 classes at which students will: 

  • get acquainted with the program interface, graphical bookmarks, a library of sample projects, and the purpose of blocks;
  • learn how to work with the built-in image editor, as well as with color fill
  • manage blocks, add characters, change their appearance and control actions
  • learn how to record sound and voice, use timers, copy scripts
  • create projects with their own characters and scenarios (up to four pages)
  • learn how to rename existing projects and delete them.

The result of each lesson is a game, postcard, animated movie or interactive story created by the child, which they can share with their friends and relatives via email or any messenger.

Scratch Jr program helps children to:

  • develop creative, logical and systematic thinking
  • gain numeracy and computer literacy skills
  • train their visual memory
  • learn to express their ideas and implement them in the digital world
  • clearly plan their actions and consistently solve problems of varying complexity
  • select the necessary commands, actions, display, sound design
  • become more diligent and increase the speed of decision-making
  • develop skills for finding and fixing errors
  • work on the project not only under the guidance of a tutor, but also in a team, which will allow them to quickly learn to find a common language with their peers.

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