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Is a real bank for children a dream?
No! In KIBERone,
this is reality!

Our residents have
their own currency Kiberones.

They are given to children for their academic success,
for helping other students during classes,
and for other activities


That can be used by children!

The purpose of creating the CyberCurrency is to give our students the economic basics and teach initial financial literacy. This encourages children to take responsibility for the work they do in the classroom

How to use Kiberones??

Two times a year we hold a CyberMarket
where children can exchange
Kiberones for cool items

Students can plan the purchase
of our CyberGoods.

Often they choose favorite goods
for themselves and save up currency for them

KIBERone Goods
<span>IT Pro's </span><br/> <span>Backpack</span>
IT Pro's
<span>Personal </span><br/> <span>Antivirus</span>
<span>Cool Bottle</span>
Cool Bottle

Do you want to know what other goods we have?
Then sign up for a FREE TRIAL LESSON
and find out the details during your first class!

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