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Do you know how important

it is for a teenager to have a mentor?

A real mentor should be special!
They should impress and delight, be able to do
something that no one else can, support in difficult times
and point out the right direction.

Children want to follow a REAL mentor and learn new things

KIBERone Tutors are special:

have real<br/> practical experience
have real
practical experience
have been trained<br/> in pedagogy
have been trained
in pedagogy
create new IT products<br/> that change the world
create new IT products
that change the world
they know<br/> how to inspire<br/> the younger generation
they know
how to inspire
the younger generation

Each tutor is a certified member of HISTES

European Association of Teachers

of Higher Education Institutions

We are proud to present to you our mentors,
each of whom is a bit of a superhero:

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