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Python is one of the most popular, simple, and convenient object-oriented programming languages. This language is used by such huge companies as Google, NASA, IBM, Facebook, Instagram, and PiAnterest. Python was also used to create World of Tanks - the most popular online game!

Children will learn what algorithms, types and data structures, classes and objects, operators and expressions (and much more) are, how to write codes, create bots for instant messengers, and develop their own computer games.

  • Module duration - 3 months

The First International CyberSchool KIBERone has developed a module for learning how to create games from scratch in the most popular, simple and convenient object-oriented programming language Python. This module is perfect for beginners in game development, and for those who want to improve their skills. The duration of training is 3 months, during which children will get acquainted with the structure of the language, its interactive shell and tools, and learn how to create animations for video games (including advanced graphics). They will also develop creativity, logic, perseverance, flexibility of thinking and speed of decision-making, develop skills to find and eliminate mistakes. Tutors of the module will explain and show in practice how you can quickly and easily write real, exciting games.

Features of “Programming with Python. Create Your First Game!” module.

In our KIBERone CyberSchool, all modules are adapted for children's perception, so that it is easier for children to immerse themselves in the programming environment. We give a minimum of theory and a maximum of practice.

Python is a high-level, interpreted and general-purpose dynamic programming language that focuses on code readability. The syntax in Python helps the programmers to do coding in fewer steps as compared to Java or C++. Python language is ideal for learning, developing applications of any complexity, and solving a wide range of tasks.

The module "Programming with Python. Create your first game!" is based on learning the language as a game developer. This option is more interesting and efficient than executing abstract commands.

Python module program includes the following fields:

  • familiarity with the fundamentals — students will understand what this language is and where it can be used;
  • learning of concepts (I / o, conditions, operators, calculations, loops, lists, functions, arrays, sets, etc.) and syntax;
  • nstalling software on the computer and configuring it;
  • introduction to the graphics library;
  • games creation – from writing the simplest program to creating complex projects;
  • data analysis methods;
  • saving the program.

Under the guidance of practical tutors, children will learn how to use it for writing codes, developing effective and intelligent programs. In addition, Python programming specialists are in demand all over the world, so in the future your child can get a well-paid profession.

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